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Naruto – ongoing Japanese manga series tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who dreams to become the Hokage (The leader of the Leaf Village who is the strongest of all). The series was published in the August 1997 and it still continues….

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Kahl Drogo Vs Robb Stark

Who do you think would win, if there was a fight between these two in Game of Thrones. Drogo’s got the strength and Rob’s got the skills and intelligence. But will that save Robb from Drogo. How I badly wish a Game of Throne’s game…

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Super Mario Tribute

I bet all of you reading this have played Mario when you were a kid. I mean who hasn’t. Even your parents would join you to play Mario. He is the Father of Gaming. Jumping on turtles, Eating mushrooms, Gaining points, from up above the…

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Hulk Vs Wolverine

If there was ever a fight that were to break out between these two, who do you think would have won? The Incredible Hulk, or the indestructible Wolverine. It is a known fact that Bullet’s cannot penetrate Hulk’s skin. But do you think it Wolverine’s…

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Hulk Vs The Hulk Buster

Seeing the Ironman 3 trailer, I was eagerly waiting for the Hulk Buster to come in the end and blast everyone. But there was nothing like that. The movie was disappointing when we had a lot of expectations. In Avengers, we have seen Hulk beating…

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Avengers Vs Justice Friends

If you were a 90s kid, or if you remember Dexter’s Laboratory which was shown in Cartoon Network (back in the good ol days), you would probably remember Dexter’s Justice Friends – Val Hallen, Krunk and Major Glory. Would you have probably seen this similarity…