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WhatsApp sold to Facebook for $19 Billion

Back in 2009, Twitter and Facebook had rejected Whatsapp co-founder Jan Koum. So he started his own venture and now, we use this smartphone messaging App more than any other application on our phone. Whatsapp has less than 50 employees and its service spans 450…

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Razer’s Modular Desktop

Razor is building The World’s most modular PC design – Project Christine. The project is expensive, but it is not impossible. This might revolutionize the way we look at CPUs. Building your own computer is really cool. But whenever we build it, it looks a…

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Windows 9 set to release April 2015

Before Windows 8 released, there was this rumor saying that every alternate version of windows is a flop. If one version is a hit, then the next one would be a flop. The flops include Windows 95, Windows ME, Vista and now Windows 8. I…

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Google buys Bitspin

Have any of you Android users used Timely – the most popular alarm clock application. If not, go to Google Play and download the app. Its the best designed app that I have seen for alarm clocks, timer and Stop watches. You can input options…

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A new look at the upcoming Iphone

Years back, we used to mainly look at how beautiful our mobile devices would be. The operating system hardly mattered. But now-a-days, its the software that matters. As Brian Barrett suggested: “Consumer technology has reached a point where hardware comes last in the decision tree.”…