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‘Your beautiful eyes’ by Suren Manvelyan

Born in 1976, Suren Manvelyan started to photograph when he was sixteen and became a professional photographer in 2006. His photographic interests span from Macro to Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape, and much more. His latest popular series of close ups of a human eye –…

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London Plans For A Spectacular Floating Airport

London’s Heathrow is the fourth busiest airport on the planet, and it’s not nearly big enough to handle the doubling in traffic the UK’s Department for Transport predicts will hit by 2030. Plans are to construct a third runway, but that would likely require the demolition of entire villages,…

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Teenagers prefer WhatsApp over Facebook

Facebook is reportedly witnessing a decrease in its daily users, especially teens, who have started to prefer mobile messaging apps WhatsApp and WeChat, over the social networking giant. According to the Guardian, the mass exodusthe social networking giant is attributed to the coming of messaging…

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Panono – Panoramic Ball Camera

There are moments in life which you never want to forget. You may have countless pictures of the event, but not everything could be captured by a camera. Imagine if you were to have a camera that captures everything the way it is. Well, now…

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Playstation 4′s Interface and Features

We recently told you about Playstation 4′s kickass Augmented Reality feature. Apart from this, in the recent launch event at New York, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4′s user interface and features. It starts with a login screen. On boot-up, players are presented with a view…