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HTC’s One Max : A rival for iPhone 5s

HTC has revealed its latest smartphone, the 5.9-inch big-screen HTC One Max device. The device is similar to the HTC One, with the addition of a fingerprint reader on the back and, of course, the 5.9-inch screen and bigger overall size. The new 5.9-inch member…

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Your Face might appear in Google Ads Soon

If you’ve ever been appalled to see yourself or your friends used in a Facebook ad, then you’re not going to like Google’s new terms of service.The company updated its TOS(Terms of Service) on Friday to allow an adult user’s profile name and photo to appear in reviews…

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Finally a Watch to count down your days

Tikker is a watch that counts down the years, months, days, hours, and seconds remaining until your death. More accurately, the Kickstarter project slowly ticks down to its best guess as to when your death will occur. Setting up the Tikker involves answering a questionnaire…

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IRON MAN suite to be developed for US Military

The US Army is working to develop “revolutionary” smart armour that would give its troops “superhuman strength”.It is calling on the technology industry, government labs and academics to help build the Iron Man-style suit.Other exoskeletons that allow soldiers to carry large loads much further have…

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WhatsApp, AVG websites got hacked by KDMS Team

Over the past 24 hours a group calling themselves KDMSTeam has claimed responsibility for hacking six different websites, including the homepages of the hugely popular messaging service WhatsApp and the top free anti-virus provider AVG. At about 3 PM IST Tuesday afternoon, WhatsApp’s home page…