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Posted by Alen Dsouza in Technology

Now Microsoft comes up with new Bing Logo

Late summer 2013 must be the season of the redesign after Yahoo unveiled its new look followed by Google’s bandwagon flat logo. Up next is Google’s very own competitor, Bing, which has apparently ditched its bulbous, circular look for a clean font that’s more in tune with the current…

Posted by Mohammed Mahin in Technology

Phonebloks: The future of smartphones

Phonebloks proposes a solution to the wasteful smartphone upgrade process and the landfills of discarded phones our habits create. Designer Dave Hakkens suggests a new type of phone, made up of modules, or bloks, that can easily be replaced by anyone. Each phone component, from…

Posted by Mohammed Mahin in Technology

A look on Apple iPhone 5S and 5C

iPhone 5S is the latest flagship phone released by Apple. Though it looks same as of its predecessor , it has got improved internals and guts that will make evrything run faster. As Apple claims it has got twice the speed of iPhone 5. The…