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Compare your Favorite Dragons with this Chart

Posted by Allen Paul in Comics

Compare your Favorite Dragons with this Chart

Dragons are such beautiful majestic beasts which we love to look at. Only on screen though, after seeing season 4 of Game of Thrones, I would never want to keep a dragon as a pet, and I am glad that they don’t exist in the real world.

The first dragon that I saw was in “Dragonheart”, where the dragon was voiced by Sean Connery which went ahead to win an Oscar for it’s Visual effects. Later on I found dragons in many famous movies like “Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” to Animated cartoons like Pokemon, Dragonball Z and “How to train your Dragon”.

Here is a chart I found in Daily Dot comparing the sizes of various dragons. Smallest being Mushu from “Mulan” and the largest is the legendary “Balerion”. Which we haven’t seen on screen yet. This dragon is in Game of Thrones where Aegon the conqueror used this dragon to conquer the seven kingdoms.


My favorite dragons are in “Game of Thrones”. After seeing the dragons in that, I wasn’t impressed with Smaug in “The Hobbit”. The Visual effects are so realist. Which is your favorite?






Source: Dailydot

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