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Facebook is Good or Bad?

Posted by Allen Paul in Comics

Facebook is Good or Bad?

Artist Pawel Kuczynski made this amazing drawing of the reality that we face today. We notice the outside world through F (Facebook) instead of just going outside and seeing it for ourselves. Notice how in the drawing the door is open, still he doesn’t go outside. It’s sad to see how lazy we humans have become.

This Polish illustrator has many similar drawings which portray the social, political and cultural realies of today. He began drawing in 2004 and have been rewarded 92 prices and distinctions. You can search him on Facebook for his works. How do you feel about the cartoon above?

Here is another drawing by the same artist. Its a duel between a cop (who represents the government) and us. They have the brute force or the armory, but what we got is Facebook or social media, Which is more more powerful than armory. One picture can say a thousand words.


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