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Superheroes Death Battle

Posted by Allen Paul in Comics

Superheroes Death Battle

We all love superheros. Their powers, strength, wits and attitude are what makes them unique. Even if they don’t have unique powers, we all know money and gadgets are more kickass than any superpower (Batman and Ironman).

Thanks to Avengers we have seen Super heroes fight each other for the first time on big screen, which paved way for many other movies yet to be released like Superman Vs Batman. There are almost confirmed rumors which state that the Avengers 2 starts off with Hulk Vs the Hulk Buster (Ironman). Apart from movies, we have games like “Injustice: Gods among us” where the supers battle each other.

Before movies and games, it was in the comics that superheroes used to battle each other. In the comics, Hulk used to be Invincible which was the inspiration for invincible superheroes like “Thor” to be created. Have you ever wondered who would win if superheroes were to battle each other?

The Admins of various Superhero and other related Facebook Pages have come together to have a tournament, where you have to vote on which superhero could win in a fight. Join the tournament here:

International Superheroes DeathBattle Facebook Page


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