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Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

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Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

The new trailer of the Batman Arkham series is here, titled “Arkham Knight”.
At first when I heard the news, I thought it may be a joke. Because isn’t it a little too soon to release the next Batman game? Arkham Origins was only out a few months ago. But then I realised, this game is by Rocksteady studio, the same studio that gave us “Arkham Asylum” and “Arkham City“. “Arkham Origins” was by Warner Bros studios. Rocksteady studios have been developing this game ever since “Arkham City”.

Well, I don’t know whether its because of the CGI, but this Batman looks way different. The Batmobile and Two-face seem to be inspired from Nolan’s triology. I doubt whether this is the continuation to the previous games. If it is the continuation, then I just hope they don’t ruin it. The Arkham series had a proper ending, wonder what this game is going to be all about. They had been developing the story for this game since 3 years.


The story takes place 1 year after Arkham City. When I first saw Batman in the trailer. I thought maybe its the future Batman, or maybe the next generation batman. I actually thought that was the suit. Only later when they displayed the actual suit did I realise that this is the armour he wears underneath the suit. Well, coming to think of it, it does make sense to wear such a thing. Looks pretty high tech. What I liked best is when he shrugs, and the suit moves accordingly, making it known to us that the suit is really flexible. That was really impressive.

Then we see Harley Quinn and memories of Arkham City just flashed back. As the Joker is gone, Harley Quinn must have taken over his legacy.


Next scene I almost had goosebumps when they displayed the Batmobile, which has got a mix of the old batmobile used in Arkham series and Nolan’s Tumbler. This batmobile looks like it has got more action. So I’m guessing that we get to actually drive the Batmobile in the game.


Two-face looks very different from the previous game. He looks like he came rite out of “The Dark Knight” movie. And Penguin looks more realistic.

I can’t say much on the game at this stage though. All we can do now is keep watching the trailer and wonder what can actually be the story line that they could come up with..

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