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Batman: Arkham Origins

Posted by Allen Paul in Games

Batman: Arkham Origins

The Arkham series is back. After Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, the much awaited next installation will be releasing this October 2014.

Those who played the last installation – “Arkham City” never thought they’d see another batman game again. As it probably looked like the end. But “Arkham Origins” is set before the first installation – “Arkham Asylum”. So yes, you will again face your favourite prince of crimes – The Joker.

The got the exclusive trailer rite here:
Batman: Arkham Origins

From the looks of it, Black mask seems to be the main villain. But we may never know what twists and turns lay ahead in the game as the Joker will be present along with his mind games.

Batman seems to have pumped up compared to its previous games. With more gadgets and skills.

All we can do now is wait and drool over its posters, until the release date.






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