Geekstroke | Gear up for release of Total War: Rome 2 PC game on September 3

Gear up for release of Total War: Rome 2 PC game on September 3

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Gear up for release of Total War: Rome 2 PC game on September 3

Sega has announced that The Creative Assembly’s next Total War game will be Rome 2, a sequel to its critically acclaimed 2004 strategy classic, Rome: Total War.

The game’s due for release in September 3,2013.

After the narrow geographical focus of Shogun 2, the Total War series is returning to empire-building on a grand scale with Rome 2, which will feature the series’ “most expansive turn-based campaign and the largest, most cinematic real-time battles”. According to the developer, it’s working with its biggest budget yet.

But there’ll also be a new focus on the personal story lines and decisions of the player and key historical figures in the game, with family dilemmas and political plots playing an important part.

The first demonstration of the game featured the destruction of Carthage from the third Punic War. Multi-player wasn’t discussed, but lead designer James Russell said the studio was “planning something big”.


The playable factions represent key powers within the Greco-Roman, Barbarian, and Eastern cultures, and each offers a notably different and deeper form of game play experience from those in previous Total War games. Each brings unique commercial, military and political strengths, its own agents and political system, and three tech trees representing civic, military and engineering disciplines. Each will have its own dilemmas to face and different styles of army to manage. Some factions are split into a number of playable families, which bring further unique benefits to their base faction traits.

Players will need to work with – and in certain circumstances against – their faction’s internal political system. You’ll direct the actions of famous characters from history, and if they’re not out in the field commanding your armies, they’ll be politicking in the senate house, or its cultural equivalent. Players would be wise to keep an eye on such individuals.

The lead designer of this game James Russell was quoted saying ”The way that you respond to a particular dilemma will influence the dilemmas that you get later on. We want to chain them into story threads, mini-narratives that we want to thread into the game play.”

Note for Players:

SEGA and Creative Assembly send word that you can now begin preloading of Total War: Rome 2 on Steam. Australians will see their copies unlock at 5PM on Tuesday September 3rd, while New Zealand players can expect it at 7PM. SEGA also included a tactful reminder that Rome 2 CD keys will be region locked. If you’ve purchased your copy of it from one of the countries listed on this Total War wiki page, you may want to double-check that it’s going to work.Copies purchased through sites such as Green Man Gaming and other UK-based sites will be fine.

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Release Date: September 3, 2013;MSRP: 59.99 USD;Genre: Real-Time Strategy;Publisher: SEGA;Developer: Creative Assembly

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