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The scariest game ever made – Outlast

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The scariest game ever made – Outlast

If your a horror movie fan. And horror movies just don’t entertain you like how they used to before, I suggest you Outlast. I have played horror games before. I used to love them, Fear 2 was one of my favorite. But thats an old game. And by old, I mean the graphics are not that great compared to today’s standards. That’s why I suggest “Outlast”.

This game is scary and brutal as you will have to run, jump and hide through the asylum, avoiding mental patients and hmm.. ahh, you will get to see it for yourself when you play the game.

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The game has some beautiful environment. But thing’s start getting really scary when you turn the night mode on. You will have to think twice before opening a door or going any further. There are some moments where you will be too scared to even play the game, as you just don’t want any more surprises.

Here is the trailer:

You better buy a good headset and put it in the appropriate volume for playing this game. I suggest you Sony headphones as its got the stereo bass. Thats what I used to get this thrill. You are definitely gonna jump out of your chair. If that’s what your looking for.

This game is rated R




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