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Who is the Arkham Knight?

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Who is the Arkham Knight?

I’m sitting here, still having the hangover of watching the Arkham Knight trailer. Kept watching it a zillion times, especially the Batsuit – Mind Blowing.! I mean the suit can’t get better than this. I don’t think even Synder can come up with a better suit than this. The person who came up with the idea of making a mettalic suit which moves according to the movements of the body should deserve an award. That suit sets the benchmark for the best suit ever.


I’m thinking about all this when I stumble upon this stunning character. At first I thought it was Batman, or maybe a fan-made Batman art, but it looked too good for fan art. Later on came to realize that this character is from the game – Arkham Knight. Which brings me to another question – Is Batman the Arkham Knight? or is it this mysterious character?

Who exactly is this character? He is too cool. My desktop and cellphone wallpapers were immediately replaced with his wallpaper. I might go up to the extend of replacing my Facebook profile pic with his picture. It’s a piece of art. And so with all this mystery in mind, I set out to research who this character is.

Target No. 1 – Jason Todd

For those who are hearing his name for the first time, he was the 2nd Robin. The first and most famous Robin was Dick Grayson. Who was one of my favorite. Who later left Batman to become Night Wing. I don’t know exactly why, maybe because the Robin costume was too childish, no idea. But this was way back in the 80s.
Then came Jason Todd. Fans didn’t appreciate the character much as they didn’t like Robin to be replaced by this guy. But he slowly made his way into the hearts of fans, and then in 1988, fans were stunned to find out that he was killed by brutally being beaten up with a crowbar by The Joker. Nowadays the only shocker will be from Game of Thrones, but this guy’s death was a shocker back in the days. Which made way for the third Robin – Tim Drake, the robin currently used in the Arkham series.


Like most comic books these days, a character cannot stay dead for long. Somehow or the other they always come back. And in Jason Todd’s case it was Talia Al-Ghul (watch Dark Knight Rises for those who are not familiar with the Games or comics) who resurrected him. And he became known as The Red Hood. He didn’t go back to join Batman though. He became a villain.


Now in the upcoming game, we know that the Joker is not there anymore. There needs to be a powerful villain who is in par with Batman. Jason Todd was trained by Batman, his skills were furthur improved. And he does have access to technology thanks to Talia Al-Ghul. I am Ninety nine percent sure that Jason Todd is the Arkham Knight.


Now if he isn’t, let me just show you the other targets who I found out. You would be surprised some of them exist in the Batman world:

Target No 2 – Batzarro


Did you have a look at Batzarro in the above picture, well just for the sake of not making this article Rated R, I’m just going to say “No freking way is Batzarro going to be Arkham Knight”. Just NO. It just can’t be Batzarro. Let’s just move onto the next target.

Target No 3 – Thomas Wayne Jr.


Believe it or not, it seems Bruce Wayne has a brother. I wonder who came up with this horrible idea. I just hope those guys forget about it, and never bring this up again. At least not in the game. From a hardcore Batman fan, Please don’t bring him up again.

Target No 4 – Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)


I just loved this show as a kid. It was kick ass. And the first person that came into my mind when I saw the poster was this guy. But it just can’t be him. Appearance-wise they both fit perfectly. But the timeline doesn’t match with the Arkham series. Terry McGinnis is the Batman of the Future. I don’t think he is even born right now in this timeline. So, I guess we just have to rule him out.

I had a discussion with many of my friends, the list of Targets just goes on and many of the characters are new to me. But, everyone’s odds are for Jason Todd. What do you think?

If you haven’t seen the trailer of Arkham Knight yet?.. watch it here:
Arkham Knight Trailer

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