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Leonardo DiCaprio’s real blood is in ‘Django Unchained’ Movie Scene

What makes Leonardo DiCaprio‘s performance in Django Unchained so thrilling is that he allows himself to go above and beyond what we normally see from him. While in his past DiCaprio has shown himself to be a very serious actor regularly in the hunt for an Academy Award, he spends most of his time in Quentin Tarantino’s pre-Civil War revenge story chomping on the scenery and having a blast doing it. And apparently he was having such a blast doing it that even after he got a bit bloody on set he just kept rolling with it – and the end result is in the final cut.

Understandably, most violence seen on film is staged, most gore, faked. Yet in one particular scene in Django featuring a rather rabid, hammer wielding Leonardo DiCaprio, an accident during a take resulted in the actor shedding real blood: an intense moment of unexpected violence captured on camera and left in the finished film.

“Leo had slammed his hand on the table countless times and he moved his hand further and he crushed a crystal cordial glass,” “Django” producer Stacey Sher says.

DiCaprio says,

“My hand started really pouring blood all over the table,” says DiCaprio. “Maybe they thought it was done with special effects. I wanted to keep going. It was more interesting to watch Quentin’s and Jamie’s reaction off-camera than to look at my hand.” After the take, the room erupted in a standing ovation. “We did it bloodied and bandaged for the rest of the movie,”


With the cameras still rolling, DiCaprio refused to break character and just kept saying his dialogue. The blood was even worked into the scene, with the villain rubbing some on Washington’s face. Once cut was called the cast and crew gave him a standing ovation. “Not because he cut himself,” Sher said. “Because in that scene he had pages and pages of monologue. His performance was masterful. His level of commitment is extraordinary.”


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