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Heavily Guarded Places Around the World

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Heavily Guarded Places Around the World

Fort Knox

Fort Knox is home to the US Bullion Depository, is one of the most famous highly secured areas on earth. It not only stores thousands of tons of gold, but, it is said to house important historical documents as well, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carte. What makes these resources unreachable is the gold vault located underneath the facility, all of this is not only well guarded but also protected by a 22-ton blast door.

Gold-Bars-in-Fort-Knox US_Ft_Knox_03

Doomsday Seed Vault
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seed-bank located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergennear in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, about 1,300 kilometers from the North Pole. Scientists have come to realize that science fiction scenarios can very well become apocalyptic realities, the idea of building a vault to help humankind get back on its feet following a catastrophe was born. Located on a secluded island in the North Sea, the Doomsday Seed Vault is home to over 250 million crop seeds and one of the most guarded places on the planet. The vault is not only impossible to reach by man, but is also protected against a disaster involving the melting of the icecaps.

20100311-svalbard-seed-vault-interior 080226092753-large

Area 51
This top secret air force base in New Mexico is guarded so well that no one can get in, and even flying over it is forbidden. It’s the home of anything pertaining to UFOs and alien conspiracies. Even if you are not a fan of UFO and alien conspiracy theories, it is very likely that you heard of Area 51. However, even though the base does not exist on maps or papers, some people managed to catch a glimpse of it from above via the Google Earth app.

area_51_satellige_image_july_03 fgsg1a


The Secret Vaults of the Mormon Church

These secret vaults contain genealogical and historical records. What is interesting about the vaults of the Mormon Church is that they are so secret that few people have actually heard of them. Not only are they heavily guarded, but also, rumor has it that the records are even protected by temperature control as well as motion and heat sensors. Photos can be a challenge to come by.  According to the representatives of the Mormon Church, the Vault is home to genealogical and historical records. On the other hand, rumor has it that special care is taken regarding the temperature control inside the vault and it includes motion and heat sensors able to withstand powerful earthquakes.

The-Secret-Vaults-of-the-Mormon-Church Mormon-Cave-Photo-The-Deseret-News-4-1-1962

Federal Reserve Bank in New York
Well, given the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank in New York is said to contain approximately 25% of the world’s gold, the extreme security measures come as natural. If you are thinking of robbing this bank, think again, as the vault is located eighty feet below the street level and about fifty feet below sea level and the perimeter of the building is guarded by well-trained marksmen.

federalreserve-2 gold01


Bold Lane Car Park

You can call it good business practices, but the Bold Lane parking garage is one of the safest facilities on Earth. In order to gain access to the facility, first you need to purchase a barcode ticket, which also indicates your exact parking spot. Once you park the car, the motion detectors become active and will sound the alarm if something happens to the automobile when the driver is not there. This car park (or parking garage) in Derbyshire, England is one of the safest places in the world. They even have an emergency system that locks down the building after a few seconds. You won’t have to worry much about car thieves when you leave your car parked here.


Air Force One

The Air Force One project is designed to become a mobile White House for the US president in case of any serious threat. What makes the presidential urgency jet highly secure is that it does not need to land in order to refill the fuel tank. Other interesting facts about Air Force One is the fact that all the equipment found aboard is coated with an electromagnetic pulse shield, it can fly through highly irradiated zones, it is able to jam radars, it can deploy heat-seeking missiles, and etc.

af1_d4c-122582-1_375X300 air-force-one-2

Korean Demilitarized Zone
The Korean Demilitarized Zone is a strip of land dividing North and South Korea. It is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world, stretching 160 miles in length and 2.5 miles in width. Because of the high defense surrounding the border, people rarely dare to cross it, and as such, it has become a nature preserve.

dfe99a68152d8b2d57084f8f47da351a5182919e korea-dmz-demilitarized-zone-nature

Cheyenne Mountain

Built during the cold war, the Cheyenne Mountain complex hosts the commanding center of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Even though NORAD moved the operations to another location, it is still one of the most guarded places on Earth. In order for you to get an idea about the security levels here, it is sufficient to mention the fact that the tunnel is protected by solid granite and reinforced so that any shock waves are felt on the other side of the mountain. It is interesting to note that the Cheyenne Mountain Complex was also the home to the fictional Star-gate Command on the popular TV show Star gate SG-1.

cmc-door North-Portal_large

  • Cliff Price

    The faults owned by the L.D.S. church is not secret. It is known by many members of the church. It at one time was able to be toured, I believe that has since changed.

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