Geekstroke | “300″ and “Watchmen” Cinematographer to shoot ‘Batman vs. Superman’

“300″ and “Watchmen” Cinematographer to shoot ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

“300″ and “Watchmen” Cinematographer to shoot ‘Batman vs. Superman’

It seems like director Zack Snyder won’t be working with his Man of Steel cinematographer Amir Mokri on Batman vs. Superman. I don’t know why, I actually loved his work in “Man of Steel”. Zack Snyder has instead decided to hire Larry Fong, the Cinematographer of 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch.


I have already seen “300″ countless times, I need not mention how incredible the movie was. But “Watchmen” I just had to see it again. The movie is good, great cinematography and direction but I don’t know if I want to pictureize Batman in that world they created. One character which caught my eye in the movie was “Night Owl”, he reminded me of Batman in so many ways (sans the attitude). I just hope they don’t relate Batman to Night Owl.

Maybe I’m overreacting, the duo (Snyder and Fong) must have learned their lessons after Sucker Punch. And they did some splendid movies together. Lets just hope they surprise us with their next movie. Warner Brothers hasn’t made the official announcement yet, but cinematographer Larry Fong’s résumé at Worldwide Production Agency has been updated to include “Batman vs. Superman”. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, 2015 with production expected to begin in February of 2014 in Detroit.




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