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Batman-Superman Movie Will Begin Shooting This Weekend

The new Batman-Superman movie is set to begin shooting this Saturday (19th October 2013), according to the East Los Angeles College Campus news. ELAC’s Weingart Stadium in Los Angeles will serve as Gotham City University in the movie. Nearly 2000 fans wearing black and gold of Gotham City University T-shirts will be cheering the fake football action on the field.

Director Zack Snyder hopes to capture footage of players and fans in three takes which last roughly 20 minutes, before the real players start playing in the field. Snyder will film during the half-time of the 6.30 pm game, instead of filming it at night.

It seems the main stars of the movie – Cavill and Affleck wont be there at the shooting. Imagine the disappointment of the fans.

Source: TIME

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