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Batman vs. Superman, Oliver Stone sees RED

It looks like director Oliver Stone won’t be standing in line to see Batman Vs. Superman on opening night. In a long rant to Forbes, Stone criticized pretty much everything that is popular right now ranging from the Breaking Bad finale to comic book movies.


Oliver Stone has made a career out of having wildly animated opinions and then bringing them to life on film. That’s not to say Oliver Stone has outrageous opinions, he just tends to live on the brink of both his career and the American morale psyche. He’s a guy who likes to stoke the coals when it comes to issues he’s passionate about which has led him to rip, of all things, Batman vs. Superman only not for the reason you’re probably thinking.

After blasting the Breaking Bad finale for being ridiculous, Stone set his sights on two of the world’s most popular superheroes.

As Per Forbes:

It’s only in the movies that you find this kind of fantasy violence. And that’s infected the American culture; you young people believe all of this shit! Batman and Superman, you’ve lost your minds, and you don ‘t even know it! At least respect violence. I’m not saying don’t show violence, but show it with authenticity.”


Violence in cinema is not a new argument as we’ve been debating the use of violence in movies for decades. But so far little has changed, and despite the occasional outcry after a national tragedy like Columbine or more recently Sandy Hook, violence in movies isn’t going anywhere.

Just like with most things Stone says, while it seems silly the way he words it, the man has a point about what he’s trying to say.


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