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Breaking Bad prequel confirmed

I just finished watching “Breaking Bad” and this series deserved the title “Best series of the year”. It beat “Game of thrones” and now stand second place in the list of IMDB’s best TV series. I was against the idea of a 5th season, because 4th season had on of the best endings ever. I didn’t want them to drag it and ruin it like some of the other series (cough* cough* Dexter cough*), but I was wrong.

Well, Breaking Bad fans have something to look forward to as AMC confirmed that there is going to be a ‘prequel’ to the series called “Better Call Saul”. Breaking Bad fans must be knowing Saul – Walter White’s lawyer, with his humor and colorful metamorphisms. We might get to see how he came to the top. More of ‘Krazy 8′ and those Mexican drug lords. Who so ever got screwed really bad in Breaking Bad must be there in this series.

The series will star Bob Odenkirk, who plays the character ‘Saul Goodman’. Sony Pictures TV will continue serving as the studio, and Vince Gilligan will be helping with the creative process of the spinoff. Well, let just keep our hopes up about this series and continue trusting Vince Gilligan to deliver an amazing series. But this time, we won’t be learning much of chemistry.

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