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Captain America: Winter Soldier Trailer

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

Captain America: Winter Soldier Trailer

Just when you think Transformers was the best trailer to release this week, you stumble upon Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer.

The movie is known for using the least special effects compared to any other Marvel movie. The action is just splendid. We are so used to seeing special effects and cities getting destroyed that we wish for some raw brawl action. Which is why I was more fascinated with the Raid: Berandal trailer. Until I saw this trailer.

Captain America is sporting a Black suit in this, I’m guessing Nick Fury suggested him to get accustomed to the current world fashion sense.

The villain – Winter Soldier seems to be a creation of S.H.I.E.L.D, just like Captain America. This guy is faster, stronger and has a metal arm. We can see more gadgets from S.H.I.E.L.D like the Falcon.

Can’t say much from the trailer, I could see Black Widow in the hospital with a dead body, I just hope that ain’t Nick Fury or anyone important. All we can do now is keep watching the trailer over and over again until April when the movie releases.








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