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Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

I saw the recent teaser trailer of Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar“. Frankly speaking, there was nothing much in there. It was one of the most boring and disappointing trailers I have ever seen. Thing is, we are sure to watch Christopher Nolan’s movies. Its not necessary that we need to watch the trailer in order to watch the movie. Unlike other movies, (example: Marvel movies) where they show almost all the good scenes in their trailers, Nolan doesn’t need a trailer to promote his movies. Besides this is just a teaser, the movie is still in post production stage. This movie will be an epic, we are sure of it.

The film’s cast includes Matthew McConaughey from ‘Sahara‘, Topher Grace from the famous “That 70s show” and he also portrayed ‘Venom’ in ‘Spiderman 3‘ and Jessica Chastain from ‘Zero Dark Thirteen‘. This time it’s nice to see new faces in Nolan’s movie. We usually see the sames faces over and over again. Like I felt ninety percent of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ included the cast of ‘Inception’.
By default, Michael Caine is there in this movie as well. Anne Hathaway (Catwoman from Dark Knight Rises), Casey Affleck (from ‘Gone Baby Gone’) and Wes Bentley (from ‘Hunger Games’) are also set to include in the movie.

The film is set to release in November 2014. Its suppose to be a space movie with time travel and all those complicated stuff which would make you think so much, that watching it once wont be enough. Just like how watching “Inception” once wasn’t enough. Now that’s the beauty of Nolan’s movies.

Here’s the trailer of Interstellar:

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