Geekstroke | “Flash” makes an appearance on CW’s ‘Arrow’

“Flash” makes an appearance on CW’s ‘Arrow’

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

“Flash” makes an appearance on CW’s ‘Arrow’

Hopefully by now, everyone knows the DC character “Green Arrow” thanks to the TV series “Arrow”. We got amazing news that the DC character “Flash”, will be making a special appearance in the series. The Flash, best known for his speed and wit, is a member of the Justice League. There are news saying there is going to be a Flash movie, followed by a Justice League movie in the year 2015.


Grant Gustin, best known for his villainous role as Sebastian on “Glee” will be portraying Barry Allen (The Flash) in the second season of “Arrow”. He will be appearing in three episodes – 8th, 9th and the 20th episode, as it will serve as the pilot episode to launch the new superhero show for the network. “Arrow” star Stephen Amell congratulated Gustin via Twitter on Friday.

We don’t know if this special appearance is just for a whole new series of Flash TV series, or for the promotion of Flash movie. Whatever it may be, we wish Gustin all the best. He better not screw up this character, as we’re huge fans of “The Flash”.


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