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“Flash” Costume Finally Revealed

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

“Flash” Costume Finally Revealed

I first saw this character in Justice League. I didn’t know who he was and soon this guy started to grow on me. From his wits to his super speed. He was one of the coolest superheros in Justice League. Then we started reading comics about him and we used to wonder when we’ll get to see him on TV. Well, the time has come. “The Flash” is finally coming on TV.


These are not the official photos though, these are leaked. So it ain’t that impressive. I was actually dissappointed seeing him, it looked like he was wearing a recycled “Daredevil” costume. And being the fastest man in the world, his legs are way too thin. But we can’t say all that as he looks like this in the comics too. Well atleast his suit looks more functional with enough breathing room. It could’ve got worse. A lot worse. I’m referring to the 1990 muscled version. The suit was designed by Oscar-winning designer Colleen Atwood who is famouse for Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.

Grant Gustin from the series “Glee” will be taking the role of “Flash”. The scenes were shot in Vancouver and was titled “The Fastest Man Alive”. Knowing the character, I feel the series will be more lighter than the now darker “Arrow”.

We got some picture and video of the shooting from Dailymail. Watch it here:




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