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X-Men: Days of Future Past is Fox’s Second Biggest Production After AVATAR

According to the film’s star, James McAvoy:
“It’s the second biggest production Fox have ever embarked upon, behind Avatar. So they’re definitely going for it.”

I have always loved the X-Men movies, I found them fascinating from when I was a kid. Starting from the first X-Men, till X-Men: First Class. Its mainly because of their amazing super powers. The recent Wolverine though, was a big disappointment. It felt like Wolverine was the only mutant and he got lost into a Japanese martial arts movie.
Despite me hating Wolverine, it was a box office hit.

X-Men movies weren’t a hit compared to the other superheros which came much after the movie (Ironman, Thor, Avengers). Even though we liked it, there was something that never made it click at the box office. Maybe they didn’t market it rite, maybe the way they promoted it was wrong. What I have seen from the latest Marvel movies is that most of the movies is shown in the trailer itself. I hope the X-Men dont do that.
Now it looks like Fox is very serious about this movie. I mean their movies haven’t even surpassed $500 million at the box office, I wonder why they would take such a risk. Maybe they have a superb script. Something that is set to blow us away. Something that is worth the big production. I hope Fox doesn’t get the wrong idea and start spending unnecessarily on their latest X-Men movie. As a comic book geek, I’m looking for super powers, some bad ass action and some kick ass dialogues.

Anyone noticed the Fast and Furious movies. The first 3 movies are very different compared to the movies which came after Tokyo Drift. It was like a reboot. This is the kind of reboot that we may be looking for. Maybe fox has something like that in mind. In the comic world, the Avengers weren’t that big compared to the X-Men. Fox has a very big chance of making this one of the best movies ever. Anyways, these are just assumptions. Let’s hope Fox doesn’t disappoint us. X-Men: Days of Future Past releases May 23, 2014






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