Geekstroke | Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide – Things you need to know before starting the series

Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide – Things you need to know before starting the series

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Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide – Things you need to know before starting the series

Due to popular demand, I will be giving you a brief description of the things you need to know before you start watching Game of Thrones.

I started watching Game of thrones four years back. I hardly understood anything they said in the first episode. I kept watching the series thinking at some point it is bound to get better. There were lots of characters and it was not clear how all of them were related. After watching till fourth episode, I watched first all over again, and it made sense to me. After watching fifth episode, things started to get really interesting for me. And now I find Game of Thrones to be the best series that I have ever seen. This is coming from a guy who has watched more than 30+ series over the span of 8 years.

I have urged many of my friends to start watching the series, and as expected they were confused after watching it. So instead of saying the same thing to them over and over again, I’m going to write a blog about it for you, and for everyone else who wants to start watching the series, and don’t worry, no spoilers. This will help you out, trust me.

Oh, and just for the record. Game of Thrones (GOT) sits at the No. 1 position on iMDb’s list of the best series ever. GOT isn’t famous for its nudity. I have seen many other series with far worse nude scenes and those series are nowhere in the top 10 best series.. neither are they in the top 20 list. So if your going to start watching this series just for the nudity.. well, I don’t know what exactly to tell you then.. just go to hell.. or just go watch porn.

The Game of Thrones world takes place in the land of Westeros, which is divided into seven kingdoms. There are four main houses this land – Barratheons (represented by a “Stag”), Lannisters (Lion), Starks (Wolves) and Targaryens (Dragon). You can see the symbols on the four sides of the GOT banner. Currently, Barratheons are ruling the kingdom.

Characters and their relations:
King Robert Barratheon is the head of House barratheon. He was a war hero, Tall and build. After he became king, he became fat and lazy. Their kingdom is in the place called “King’s Landing”, one of the most beautiful places in the land.
His wife is Cersei Lannister. And their first kid is named Jeoffrey Barratheon.

Cersei’s brothers are Jaimi Lannister (who looks like Prince Charming from Shrek) and Tyrion Lannister (the dwarf, don’t let his looks fool you, he is the coolest character in the series). Their father Tywin Lannister is not introduced yet. He is the head of House Lannister and is one of the most powerful and smartest man in Westeros. Lannisters are the richest as their land – Casterly Rock has many Gold mines.

King Eddark Stark (Ned Stark) is the head of House Stark and Warden of the North. Their Castle is in Winterfell He is married to Catalyn Stark. He has sixchildren:
- Rob Stark ( the eldest and probably the most brilliant among them)
- Sansa Stark ( She is a teenage girl. So, I don’t think I need to give much of a description for her)
- Bran Stark (For the sake of keeping this spoiler free, I’m just going to say that he has powers which he doesn’t know off)
- Arya Stark (She is one of the coolest characters in the series)
- Rickon Stark (the youngest)
- Jon Snow (This is Ned’s son, not Catalyn’s. Because of this, she hates him)

These three houses are allies which brought down the former house Targaryen which used to rule the seven kingdoms. If you see the starting credits, you can see the kingdoms along with a pictorial explanation as to what had happened.


The former Targaryen Mad King “Aeres” has two children – Viserys Targaryen And Daenyrs Targaryen. They fled Westeros when the rebellion happened and their father was killed. Now they want to gather an army and go back to Westeros to reclaim their throne. Once upon a time, there used to be dragons. And thats how the Targaryens dominated Westeros. But now dragons are extinct. And the only way for them to gather an army now would be to be allies with “The Dothraki” army headed by Kahl Drogo. One Dothraki warrior is as powerful as four men, and to get this army Viserys Targaryen must marry his sister off to Khal Drogo.


I have revised many times to make it as short as possible with pictures inorder to make it clear for you. For reference to the full map of westeros and family tree, you can click here:
Family Tree


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