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Game of Thrones Season 4: Trailer breakdown (no spoilers)

The long awaited trailer of “Game of Thrones Season 4″ was finally released. I still remember when the trailer of season 3 released last year and we memorized each and every line of it, such so that when those lines were repeated in the series, it gave us goosebumps. Similarly this time, I have kept watching the trailer over and over again.

Lets break down those scenes shall we? I don’t read the books, so don’t worry about spoilers from me.


Apart from that huge shadow of a dragon cast upon the city, which kept us wondering as to how big the dragons must have actually grown, the trailer starts off with “King” Jeoffrey – The arrogant king who is the most hated in the show. The character is played by Jack Gleeson. I read in a recent article that this guy wants to quit acting as soon as the show gets over. He may be the most hated in the show but he is an impressive actor, why else would we hate the character “King Jeoffrey” so much.


The next scene shows a dead battlefield. Looks to me like the end of a battle. That scene is followed by a horseman riding towards “Khaleesi” and her army.


What the hell is that guy thinking?. This must be before she and her army leaves Yunkai and heads toward Meereen.


Look who decided to get a haircut – Jamie Lannister. He may not have his Prince Charming looks like before, but still with his acts and decisions he did last season, he seems to have won everyone’s hearts.


Mellisandre – The Red priestess seems to be burning things as usual. Worshiping her God of Light. Wonder if we will get to see any more shadow Assassins or some other witchcraft from her. She hasn’t done anything interesting in a long time, so I am hoping there is something big in store this season.


Two armies are meeting up on the battlefield. Wonder if its to surrender or to fight. It doesn’t look like Kings Landing nor the Night’s watch. Neither does it look like Khaleesi’s army. I am guessing Jaime Lannister is meeting up with his allies or teach a rebelling House some manners.


The slaves seem to be after one their slavers after Deanerys set the slaves free. Happy Independance Day to Yunkai. This guy should have seen this coming.


At first, I was wondering how come she reached Kings Landing so fast. But its no Kings Landing. This is how her Throne room must look like back in Yunkai. Why can’t she just get settled here? or on second thought, that’s no fun isn’t it?


Jaime Lannister tests off his new Valyrian Steel sword. His dad must have gifted him. He seems to be getting pretty comfortable with his left hand. Must be training real hard for it.


I was surprised when I saw this character. Because this guy is completely new. After doing a little check, I came to know he is known as the “Red Viper”, seeking revenge for her sister. Real Name Oberyn Martell, He plays an important role this season. It seems it is mentioned in the series before (so its not a spoiler), that Martells want revenge for the death of Elia Martell (wife of Rhaegar Targaryen), who was killed by “The Mountain” – Gregor Clegane. You guys must obviously be remembering the guy who chopped the horse’s head off in one swing back in Season 1. So looks like this guy is off to get “The Mountain”. Wonder how that turns out.


Talk about a pissed off ex-girlfriend. Ygritte doesn’t look happy at all.


Theon’s sister Yara, literally the only Greyjoy left out there. Preparing to go into battle. No one other than George Martin has any idea as to what her future is.


Jaime’s new hand. Does anyone remember T-Bag from “Prison Break”?, well, this looks a lot better than that hand.


Another baby left in the snow. Is this for the white walkers? Will we see more of them this season? Do you think they must have found more of those ancient weapons to kill these white walkers?


Arya Stark! There is an internet protest going on saying if they kill her off, then they riot. I wonder why? Her story build up is so interesting, that I just feel scared for her now.


Bran Stark. He has got one of the most kick-ass powers ever. From this scene, it looks like he is back to Winterfell, back to that tree where Catelyn Stark used to pray for the old Gods and the new.


After the Red Wedding, I don’t think I can see any other wedding. This looks like Jeoffrey’s and Margaery Tyrel’s Wedding. Hmm, Well I actually wouldn’t mind if it turns out to be like the Red Wedding.


The wild-lings who crossed the Wall with Jon Snow must be attacking the Night’s Watch.


When I see him I get all mixed emotions, I dont know whether to laugh or feel sad. He was one of the most hated characters of the series. But after what he has been through.. Damn!!


Looks like someone is about to go through hell by.. wait for it..


“The Mountain”..!! This guy is one hell of a monster. Let see what he does this season.


Tyrion Lannister, his scar seems to be fading away. He says this is one thing that he cannot talk his way out off. What could that be? Is he in trouble? whatever it may be, just don’t kill him off. He is one of the most happening guys in the series.

This trailer just shows us how much of a hell Westeros has become. Then there are other scenes which I didn’t put, as it didn’t make much sense to me. I just hope this season put Game of Thrones back to the No.1 position in iMDb.

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention

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