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Godzilla sequel to have three new monstors

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

Godzilla sequel to have three new monstors

Wow. Three new monstors.!! Isn’t that amazing.
If I were to hear any news regarding Godzilla three months back, that would have been my reaction. But after seeing Godzilla, I have pretty much had enough. Being a Godzilla fan, I was expecting back to back monstor fights, some destruction, Godzilla vs the monsters, Godzilla Vs the military etc etc.. I could just go on. But what I saw, was maybe 10 minutes of what I actually wanted to see and the rest of the movie was filled with character development and the story which goes around Godzilla.

The build ups in the movie were just amazing. But all it ever had were just build ups. I agree the direction, acting and the scenery were all amazing, including the depth and details giving us a ground level view of the destruction that’s happening around us as the monsters battle it out. But I went to watch it expecting an action movie, not a drama.


Anyways all hatred apart, the movie was different compared to the movies in its genre. Most people are pretty tired with New York and other big cities getting destroyed all the time. This was a much needed movie for the movie audience to realize that monstor movies are not just about watching the beasts battle it out.


Now coming back to the recent developments, The producers of Godzilla have confirmed that there will be three new monsters in the upcoming movie – Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.
The names may be really confusing to the ones who don’t know anything about the original Godzilla, and when I say original Godzilla, I’m not talking about the 1997 “Godzilla” movie where he looked like this kickass Alien destroying earth. That’s the 90s Godzilla. And personally thats my favourite. But this movie is inspired from the originals which dates back to 1950s. So brace yourselves, Introducing:


I wanted you to watch it first before I told you. Yes, what you saw is true, this is not a joke – Mothra is a caterpillar. A giant caterpillar controlled by two fairies who call upon the creature to fight Godzilla. Before we judge this villain, let’s all remember that everyone laughed at Rocket Raccoon when he was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy, remember how epic he turned out to be. So a giant caterpillar could, perhaps, surprise us.!!

The next villain is much much better, Introducing:



Rodan is a giant pterodactyl. Don’t let the picture fool you, this dates back to the 1960s. I bet he looks pretty bad ass in the upcoming film.

Apparently in the movies, Rodan and Mothra become friends with Godzilla to defeat the third and the most badass new monstor:
King Ghidorah
He is a three headed dragon and the biggest among all the monstors. And knowing that he is there in the sequel is the only reason why I am so excited about the movie. I don’t care how much ever they drag or go into depths in the movie, I am going to watch it just to see him.

So until the movie releases, enjoy these clips from Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah:

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