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Hannibal – The TV series that drove people Insane

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies, Series

Hannibal – The TV series that drove people Insane

Should warn you, most readers may find this article disturbing. But I can’t help it as we are talking about Cannibalism. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Cannibal”? .. For me, its a wild tribal man eating into raw humans vigorously like an animal. This is what movies and news lead me to believe. Until I saw Hannibal. Its fascinating how the series make Cannibalism look like a luxury.

A friend of mine who shares similar interest in TV series recommended me to watch Hannibal. As I knew it was about murders and Cannibalism, I told him its just not my thing. He persuaded me, and I am glad he did. Because this is one of the most underrated series ever.

You may know the actor who plays Hannibal Lector – Mads Mikkelsen from the movie Casino Royale, he played the role of the villain. And he is just perfect for this role because his class, his attitude and suave, and that smile makes him the perfect actor for this role. Its the best casting decision ever made.


The murders in this series are horrifying but the direction is so good that you wont look away with disgust. Because the way they display everything makes it look beautiful, like a piece of art. Never have I felt this way about gore, that I started wondering if I’m going insane. And to make things worse, Hannibal’s cooking is so good that you will feel like having whatever he is cooking. And we know what that is, which is what makes us guilty. Which is why this is one of the most underrated shows ever.

For the people who haven’t watched this series, you may think that I need counseling, but before you judge me.. watch the series. At least till the 7th episode. The show watchers know what I’m talking about.


  • Ajay Sunil Punnackal

    But I don’t think its good enough as its movie part. When I hear about hannibal Lecter Only face that rise up is of Antony Hopkins, anyway through the series it has shown some justice to the franchise. And the plot begins as before Red Dragon, isn’t it?

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