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Independence Day 2 confirmed

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Independence Day 2 confirmed

Its been 17 years and Independence Day 2 which was set to hit screens on July 3, 2015, is now postponed to more than a year and will release on July 1, 2016.

I saw “Independance Day” when I was a kid back in the 90s, and you can imagine at that time how it felt like. Because it was the first movie that I saw which had world destruction in it. Aliens invading earth, White House going Boom!!. It was all insanley amazing. And I became a huge fan of Will Smith as well.


For the new movie, itseems Will Smith wont be cast. It is not certain though, because there are rumors saying that Will Smith demanded 50 million for two movies. As “After Earth” wasn’t a success at the box office, Smith needs a hit real bad. So there are chances that he may reprise his role. Maybe the delay is because of this.

There are no other facts about the movie other than the release dates. Even the casting is not confirmed. We will keep you updated regarding the latest news.

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