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Kung Fury – The Best Trailer You Will Ever See

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

Kung Fury – The Best Trailer You Will Ever See

Which is the best trailer you have seen this year? Hobbit? American Hustle? Doesn’t matter how awesome it may be, because Kung Fury has beat them all.

This trailer looks like a combination of 80s movies and the latest games today. I thought nothing can get crazier than the movie Machete, but this just broke all benchmarks of craziness. You have Kung Fu Hitler as villain along with Gods, Vikings, Computer hacking, time travel and bloody T-Rex. Its like the dream.

This action-comedy movie is directed by David Sandberg. Its currently a Project that needs funding as most of the scenes (or maybe all the scenes) require CGI. The plot is as follows (yes, surprisingly there is a plot):

A friend of Kung Fury(the hero of this movie) gets assassinated by the greatest criminal of all time – Adolf Hitler (yes, Hitler.!!) . So Kung Fury decides to travel back in time to take out Hitler and his empire once and for all. Before I tell you more about the plot. Why don’t you watch the trailer below. As I’m pretty sure none of whatever I say makes sense to you rite now.

If this project is funded, you can watch the movie for free over the internet. You can support it here

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