Geekstroke | Loki’s army petition for a solo film

Loki’s army petition for a solo film

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Loki’s army petition for a solo film

After hearing the news that Loki won’t be appearing in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, fans of Tom Hiddleston are outraged. His character may not have been so likable in “Thor”, but after Avengers, he seemed to have pleased the hearts of many (that hulk smash must have done the trick).

With his charm and God-like attitude, he seems to have a huge amount of fans, and now this “Loki’s army” has petitioned for a solo film.

We don’t know if there is ever going to be a solo film starring Loki, as there are bigger and badder villains coming up. Looks like it’s the end of days for the “God of Mischief”. So enjoy the last moments of Loki all you can, next month end as “Thor: The Dark World” is releasing.


Source: Slashfilm

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