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Marvel Phase Timeline

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Marvel Phase Timeline

Hello Fellow Geeks, Ajay here. Its been so much time that checking upon Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well there are lots of cooking up, the latest Avengers 2 is hitting the box office on 1st of May. As its been cleared that Marvel Studios has been produced a lot of franchise, like Spider man, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange (yes fellows, its in 1978, I don’t know its in Marvel production but still there is), Hulk, Daredevil, last but not least the X-men and so on (some of them are about to reboot,) because all in favors to be called ‘Phase’. Any how I’ve been digging up these called ‘Phase’ and guess what the magician is hiding up their sleeves..?

Phase – 1

We all know that the official Marvel franchises the comic book character and follow up on an order from Iron man. There are movies before that, keeping in mind that X-men Universe kept intact. (Why they keeping like that, still there are lot of conundrums in both these universe, speaking of universe there are lot of universe for each character and their anti-hero and we need a separate discussion regarding that.)

In short Phase 1 movies compiles as Iron man(2008), Incredible Hulk(2008), Iron man -2(2010)Thor(2011), Captain America TFA (2011) & Avengers(2012). Here all the main stream characters were introduced and they all being connected by either Tony Stark or Nick Fury. Along these there are some Marvel one-shot short films; includes The Consultant(2011), A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer(2011) & Item 47(2012).

Phase – 2 (currently running and going to end by Avengers 2)

Phase 2 starts from the year 2013, with a prelude of the new adventures of Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistic Division A.K.A Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D(2013) a TV mini series and can cause a terrific turn, so keep watching.

The films featured in Phase 2 are Iron Man 3(2013), Thor 2 TDW (2013), Captain America 2 TWS(2014), Guardian Of The Galaxy (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron(2015).

Also One-shot movies Agent Carter(2013) & All Hail The King(2014).

Phase -3

Phase 3 starts at the end of 2015 by the movies Ant man(2015).

But Phase 3 is all about TV mini-series,
There is adventures of Peggy Carter; our aid for Captain America named Agent Carter(2015).
The dashing lawyer whose vision gets clear at dark, The Daredevil(2015).
A retired Super heroin turns private investigator, A.K.A Jessica Johns(2015).
Adventures of tai-chi master, Iron Fist(2015).
A prisoner superhero for hire, Luke Cage(2015).
Defenders(2015), whereabouts of this project is not know for now.

The 2nd movie in Phase 3 is Captain America 3 CW(2016), which go against Batman v/s Superman. Then comes long await Dr. Strange(2016), and by Thor 3 Ragnarok(2016) Phase 3 is at an end.

Phase - 4

Its about what all not included so far, its being in development of the screen and set to ‘release’ in 2018. It include Dead Pool(2016),Black Panther(2018), Inhumans(2018), Captain Marvel(2018)and so on.

So voting are open and its up to you my fellow geeks. The true meanings that Marvel hides at their secret endings. Explain those vision that one shot 5 minutes at the end of every movie that reveal to you, contribute your ideas to the Big Complete Picture.


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