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Movie Trailer: Son of God

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Movie Trailer: Son of God

Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey will bring the life of Jesus to theaters in February with their film Son of God. The theatrical trailer released, giving audiences a first glimpse of the movie.

Son of Godset to hit theaters Feb. 28,2014 will include footage from the hit television series The Bible as well as new scenes.

Movie will feature the life story of Jesus from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.


Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ
Darwin Shaw as Peter
Roma Downey as Mother Mary
Greg Hicks as Pontius Pilate
Sebastian Knapp as John
Amber Rose Revah as Mary Magdalene
Adrian Schiller as Caiaphas
Andrew Brooke as Antonius
Louise Delamere as Claudia
Said Bey as Matthew
Matthew Gravelle as Thomas
Simon Kunz as Nicodemus
Joe Wredden as Judas


 Some stills of the Movie,

The Bible history-chanel-bible


son-of-god-movie-07 The Bible son of god full image maxresdefault ifwt_sonofgod

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