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New Godzilla Movie Trailer and Poster

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

New Godzilla Movie Trailer and Poster

Fifteen years after the first movie, Godzilla is back again. But can it surprise us again like how it did back in the 90s?
In this new age where we had seen a lot of earth-getting-destroyed movies. The makers of Interdependence Day cannot keep the same strategy of making films that they used to do back then. Its hard to impress the audience who had seen a lot of these movies.

Looking at the trailer, the film looks more serious. I have a good feeling about this movie after watching the trailer.

The film cast is set to include Bryan Cranston from “Breaking Bad”, Elizabeth Olsen from “Oldboy”, Aaron Taylor-Johnson from “Kick Ass” and Ken Watanabe from “Inception”.

Film is set to release on May 16th, 2014. Until then, lets just enjoy this trailer:

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