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The Avengers 1978 movie

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The Avengers 1978 movie

I stumbled upon this video while browsing through Youtube. I.. I don’t exactly know how to put my feelings into words when I saw this video. Damn, The first Avengers movie looked like this.!

Off all the characters what surprised me most was Ironman, he is a bloody tin-can for crying out loud. And Tony Stark looks like a douche. Even without CGI, Robert Downey Jr. took this character to a whole new level.

Captain America looks more like a daredevil. And Thor, he doesn’t look anything Godly like Chris Hemsworth. The Hulk in my opinion looks fine. There was no CGI back then so this was the best that they could do – Keep a body builder and paint him green, flex some muscles and Voila, you have a Hulk.

I’m not even going to talk about the other characters, especially Black Widow, its just plain ridiculous. Just watch the video and see it for yourself.

Seeing this movie, I’m just glad with the advancement in technology these past decades. From 1978 to now, the CGI helps us in so many ways to put our imagination and creativity into films. If not for that, this movie ain’t that bad for a 1978 movie. Watch and Share :) .

Here is another scene from the same movie. Fight between Hulk and Thor:

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