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Shaky Cam

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

Shaky Cam

I saw Raid: Redemption two years back, and it was simply the best action movie I have ever seen. Combining martial arts with guns and bombs making it realistic as hell. I could keep blabbering about the movie as I keep watching its action sequences over and over on YouTube.
After seeing the movie, most other movies left me feeling just bone-weary. I was overwhelmed when I heard a sequel to the movie was coming up – Raid: Berandal.

Finally the day came, and I saw the movie. Well, the movie was.. good. I guess. Could have been better.. Much much better, if the director decided not to shake the camera so much.
There is this particular direction about the films being released these past couple of years which I dread so much – Shaky cam. As I recollect, it started from the Bourne series. It was a new take on action movies and at the time it looked good. But now its just too irritating. I am a big fan of Bruce Willis’s “Die Hard” movies. I also liked Die hard 4.0 which was made according to the latest movies of that era, but when I saw Die Hard 5.. That’s when I lost my cool. Why did they have to include shaky cam in this too?


Most of my favorite movies are turning into such disasters thanks to “Shaky Cam”. I am beginning to loose faith in movies these days, and don’t get me started on Transformers 4. I try not to get my hopes up too much for the upcoming movies. That’s when I saw XMen: Days of Future Past, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Directors should take note from Bryan Singer who directed such a brilliant movie. No shaky cam, no slow motion (other than that one scene where slow motion was actually required), the movie was just too damn good and left me flabbergasted.


Shaky Cam is one of the most frustrating developments in the movie industry and it is catching up outside Hollywood too. I seriously hope that the film makers put an end to this abomination. Here is a documentary showing how useless Shaky Cam is and that its not entertainment, it is just saving time and money for the directors.

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