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True Detective: Should you be watching it?

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies, Series

True Detective: Should you be watching it?

A good friend of mine recommended True Detective to me last year. As I was into crime-solving, mysteries and action, I was pretty hyped up. Because all everyone would ever talk about was True Detective and how brilliant it was. With great anticipation in mind, I started watching the series… And I was disappointed!
The film had great direction, the acting was brilliant and the story was creepy. But I was expecting something entirely different. This was slow, Very slow. But I didn’t want to judge an entire series just based on the Pilot episode. Because most of my favorite series of all time didn’t have a great Pilot episode. It was just picking up. And it was very hard to understand without subtitles.

After the end of season 1. I didn’t know whether I hated it or loved it. Because whatever they did, they did it the best possible way they could. You are not looking at a clich├ęd detective movie with a lot of gunfights, car chases and a huge twist. I’m not saying the series lack these elements, I’m just saying its so grounded to reality. If I was watching it with a different mindset, I may have loved it. But I didn’t want to watch the whole series again. So I thought I’ll wait another year for season 2.

Today, I just finished watching the last episode of season 2. I’ll cut rite to the chase, I loved it! Despite all the reviews and hatred towards the series, I feel this was one of the best series ever. I can understand the hate towards the series, I just went through it during season 1. For Season 2, I was fully aware of what I’m going to watch I made it a point to research every episode thoroughly. For this I have to thank Reddit. Their discussions helped me a lot.


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