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Wolverine 3 coming soon

Posted by Allen Paul in Movies

Wolverine 3 coming soon

After Wolverine’s success at the box office earning $413 million worldwide, Fox wants director James Mangold to do another installment of the movie. Wolverine was Mangold’s first superhero movie.

The movie had a lot of action and sword fights. Maybe that’s the reason why people loved it. People wanted their favorite Wolverine to get into action rather than playing around with mutants.

Hugh Jackman is set to reprise the role of Wolverine and a contract is to signed with Fox for more X-Men films.

My personal opinion, I hated the movie – Wolverine. Yes, it was filled with action and stuff, but it was more like a martial arts movie. Not that I hate martial arts, but when I go for a movie like Wolverine, I expect some kick-ass mutants with kick-ass super powers. I’m actually forward to X-Men: Days of Future Past rather than Wolverine 3.



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