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Wonder woman rumours !!

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Wonder woman rumours !!

Last week, there were rumors circulating that Thor actress Jaimie Alexander was having talks with Warner Bros and that she knows a thing or two about Batman vs. Superman. Brett Martin, a fan, photo-shopped her picture as Wonder Woman and tweeted Jaimie asking if the rumours are true. This is what she replied:

jaimie's tweet

We don’t know what exactly to make of this tweet. We are almost certain that she will play a love interest in the movie, but playing Wonder Woman??.. thats just too much to digest. Or maybe Batman Vs Superman could be a build up for a Wonder Woman movie. All we can do now is keep guessing. She definitely did fit the character that Warner brothers is looking for – tall, powerful, and hot enough to play Bruce Wayne’s love interest.


Now the problem would be that when we watch Thor 2, we will be seeing her as Wonder Woman instead of Lady Sif. Lady Sif does resemble a lot like Wonder Woman. Maybe thats how Snyder saw that she was the perfect fit.

Maybe Snyder plans to introduce the characters slowly for building up the Justice League movie. Well, Until then, lets just keep enjoying the photo-shopped images of her from Facebook.

1017360_572032879518215_1755998418_n thor2_chars_siff


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