Geekstroke | X-Men: DOFP, Review and the Things you should know before Watching the Movie of the Year

X-Men: DOFP, Review and the Things you should know before Watching the Movie of the Year

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X-Men: DOFP, Review and the Things you should know before Watching the Movie of the Year

So, Fox’s biggest budget film up-to date is finally out. And this was truly the best X-Men movie among the lot. It is perhaps the best action movie released this year. I was glad that Bryan Singer was able to direct this film. He is the original director who directed the first two X-Men movies. Until other directors came and screwed things up. And this movie was able to correct a lot of mistakes made in the previous movies. If your an X-Men comic book fan, you would know that there are many things in the movies which conflict the comics. And in this movie, most of the flaws have been sorted out. All this was possible, because of time-traveling.

Bryan Singer had a two-hour discussion with James Cameron, the director of the famous time-traveling movies – Terminator and Terminator 2 about how to make time-traveling feasible within the film. The two concepts they discussed included alternate universe ( which is the most popular among movies and games) and string theory. The concept used in this movie is string theory:
“Until an object is observed, it hasn’t really happened yet. The time-traveler whose consciousness travels through time is called The Observer, and until the Observer returns to the time where he traveled from, the result hasn’t occurred yet. So he will still be in the past until he snaps back, then the new future is set. Resulting in a parallel action. And there is always a threat that Wolverine’s consciousness could return to the future and leave the world in an even darker place”

In this movie, Wolverine is the Observer who is chosen to go back into the past. In the original comics – Kitty (the mutant who can walk through walls) is send back, but this conflicts many things as kitty would then be negative 20 years old. The only person who still remains the same would be Wolverine. Making him the best person to go back into the past. (Thank Bryan for that, the movie would have sucked if it was Kitty who was sent back).


The most controversial character in this film is QuickSilver who has the power to move lighting fast. Controversial because QuickSilver is set to appear in Avengers 2 as well. And no one wants to mix both these worlds. As Avengers do not belong in the X-Men Universe, it will just lead to further complications. Fox and Marvel finally compromised that the character will be kept separate in both the movies. In this movie Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver was portrayed by Evan Peters whereas in Avengers 2, Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be taking on the role. I don’t know how Avengers can make this character more kikass then what we just saw in X-Men. Seeing QuickSilver, I am more excited to watch Avengers 2 just to see how they could compete with the X-Men’s QuickSilver.


As I’m sure your going to watch the movie (else you wouldn’t be reading all this), these are just some trivia which you should know. I would also like you to know about the character called – Apocalypse. As a true Marvel fan always watches the ending credits, its good to know about this character instead of getting confused by watching the ending. Apocalypse is a very powerful mutant with Hulk-like strength and has the power to change objects and shapes including himself (like Mystique). In the past, he was like a God where people work-shipped him. He is set to return in a new form in the present. He has four horsemen – Death, Famine, Pestilence (plague) and War. Well, that’s all I’m going to say for now. I do not intent to spoil anything. Here is a glimpse of Apocalypse from the comics.


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