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Clash of Clans

I am a PC gamer, and I love strategy games. My favorite being Red Alert 2. I have played other strategy games like Dota as well. As I started growing up, over the years due to my busy schedule I started playing less of PC…

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A new look at the upcoming Iphone

Years back, we used to mainly look at how beautiful our mobile devices would be. The operating system hardly mattered. But now-a-days, its the software that matters. As Brian Barrett suggested: “Consumer technology has reached a point where hardware comes last in the decision tree.”…

Posted by Alen Dsouza in Technology

Teenagers prefer WhatsApp over Facebook

Facebook is reportedly witnessing a decrease in its daily users, especially teens, who have started to prefer mobile messaging apps WhatsApp and WeChat, over the social networking giant. According to the Guardian, the mass exodusthe social networking giant is attributed to the coming of messaging…

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The Invisible Helmet, Hövding

You know what kind of sucks about riding a bike? Other than all that pedaling? Bike helmets. Sure, they keep that overrated “brain” from getting splattered, but they take out a lot of the open-air-joy out of things, and they’re not comfortable. Have u tired…

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Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has landed – and we loved it, It’s light, slim and powerful, and has the best screen we’ve seen on a smartphone.It might be early, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours are already doing the rounds. The most prominent Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours…

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Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ campus approved

The City of Cupertino, California, has approved Apple’s plans for its new “spaceship” headquarters, according to News reports. After a six hour meeting on Tuesday evening the council voted unanimously in favour of allowing Apple to realise Steve Jobs‘s vision of a massive campus housing up to 14,200 employees….