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Creative Artists build Westeros in Minecraft

Minecraft is played by millions across the globe. This is a game with very basic graphics, no storyline and you don’t see this advertised on TV. This is a game specially made for creative people. In architectural courses, I know of lecturers who insist their…

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalype

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalype are described in the last book of the Bible – ‘The Book of Revelation’ of Jesus Christ to saint John the Evangelist.! It tells us of a book/scroll in God’s right hand that is sealed by seven seals. The…

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Bottle Smoke Drawings

Jim Dingilian proves that a creative and skillful artist can create works of art with just about anything.   By coating the interior of empty glass bottles with black smoke and then carefully brushing it away with tools mounted on dowels, he creates detailed and…

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Facebook is Good or Bad?

Artist Pawel Kuczynski made this amazing drawing of the reality that we face today. We notice the outside world through F (Facebook) instead of just going outside and seeing it for ourselves. Notice how in the drawing the door is open, still he doesn’t go…

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Ben Heine’s Amazing Art

Ben Heine  was born on 12 June 1983 in Abidjan, and is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist. Starting as a painter and political cartoonist, he became more widely known in 2011 for his “Pencil vs Camera“ and “Digital Circlism“ projects. Heine has a degree in journalism and made his Masters’ final assignment…

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Avengers medieval art concept

I am big fan of medieval times and games like Dota. So when I saw these pictures, I just had to share it with you. Just wished I could make a poster out of all these pictures and hang it in my room. Kudos to…