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Godzilla sequel to have three new monstors

Wow. Three new monstors.!! Isn’t that amazing. If I were to hear any news regarding Godzilla three months back, that would have been my reaction. But after seeing Godzilla, I have pretty much had enough. Being a Godzilla fan, I was expecting back to back…

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Batman versus Godzilla

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Batman were to fight Godzilla. Artist Axel Medellin (Algiark) drew this comic of Batman Vs Godzilla. It’s unthinkable, you have to appreciate the artist for such creativity. Being a die hard Batman fan, I would have never…

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New Godzilla Movie Trailer and Poster

Fifteen years after the first movie, Godzilla is back again. But can it surprise us again like how it did back in the 90s? In this new age where we had seen a lot of earth-getting-destroyed movies. The makers of Interdependence Day cannot keep the…

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Godzilla to strike on summer 2014

The year is 1998. The makers of Independence day delivered us a movie we can never forget – Godzilla, an enormous lizard which destroyed half of New York. Now after 15 years, its back. We hope it is able to surprise and entertain us the…