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Thanos finally revealed

Here is a video released by Marvel which shows a compilation of various Marvel movies. More like a build up for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Among these clips, the only movie I watched is Guardians of the Galaxy. I have seen many videos like this…

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The Avengers 1978 movie

I stumbled upon this video while browsing through Youtube. I.. I don’t exactly know how to put my feelings into words when I saw this video. Damn, The first Avengers movie looked like this.! Off all the characters what surprised me most was Ironman, he…

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Avengers medieval art concept

I am big fan of medieval times and games like Dota. So when I saw these pictures, I just had to share it with you. Just wished I could make a poster out of all these pictures and hang it in my room. Kudos to…

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Game of Thrones Battle scenes

There are some scenes which look better than the Game of Thrones series, there are pictures like the one above which were made by some amazing artists across the internet. This one caught my eye. The Baratheons fury, their armor, their style. Never seen a…