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Posted by Alen Dsouza in Technology

Apple may Launch iTunes for Android

In what may delight many Android users, Apple may launch streaming music service, iTunes App for Android users. Apple is looking to boost its lagging music sales by adding an on-demand streaming music service that would  compete with Spotify, Rdio and Beats Audio. According to…

Posted by Mohammed Mahin in Technology

HTC’s One Max : A rival for iPhone 5s

HTC has revealed its latest smartphone, the 5.9-inch big-screen HTC One Max device. The device is similar to the HTC One, with the addition of a fingerprint reader on the back and, of course, the 5.9-inch screen and bigger overall size. The new 5.9-inch member…

Posted by Alen Dsouza in Technology

Apple ready to launch iPhone 5S and 5C

“When is the next iPhone coming out?” “Should I wait for the next iPhone or just get one now?” “And why would I want the next iPhone to read my fingerprint?” It happens to me every year around this time — a deluge of questions about the…