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‘Pulp Fiction’

Hi there guys, Ajay here once again. We all see lot of around these days; we have been called out as the greatest, the luckiest generation or so called the 90′s Kids, right? And some around all the times in through our media senses, (geeky:…

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Marvel Phase Timeline

Hello Fellow Geeks, Ajay here. Its been so much time that checking upon Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well there are lots of cooking up, the latest Avengers 2 is hitting the box office on 1st of May. As its been cleared that Marvel Studios has been produced…

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Superheroes Death Battle

We all love superheros. Their powers, strength, wits and attitude are what makes them unique. Even if they don’t have unique powers, we all know money and gadgets are more kickass than any superpower (Batman and Ironman). Thanks to Avengers we have seen Super heroes…

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Character Origins

I was having an argument with a friend who kept saying Apocalypse is from Egypt. I kept calling it bullshit, and then he went through the trouble of trying to prove it, and finally got me this map. This is some pretty interesting stuff. I…

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Marvel Vs DC Pool Table

The scenario looks intense. We can see The Marvel team on one side of the pool table and the DC team on the other. Both of them don’t like each other. Then Captain America due to his clumsiness spills a drink on their table, and…

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Bane versus Venom

I have seen a lot of DC comics versus Marvel comics images all over the net. But this is the best that I have seen. There was an era where Spiderman movies used to rule the screens (Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman). After that, Christopher Nolan came…

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Lego Marvel Superheroes game

I ain’t much of a fan playing lego games on PC. I found it kiddish even back in the days when I was in 5th grade. But as years passed by, Lego has come up with creative solutions to make their games more interesting, adding…