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Batman Vs Superman Final Trailer

If you thought the Batman movies can’t get any better, you were wrong! Being a fan of Arkham games, the first 30 seconds looked like it came straight out of it- the fight choreography, the cape opening, I really think this is going to be…

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Batman in Man of Steel – Concept Art

Loved this concept art of Batman in ‘Man of Steel’ when the alien invasion was happening and Batman was viewing it through his Batcave. Zack Synder will have a different take on Batman, but still its amazing to see this artist draw what would look…

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Batsuit and Batmobile Designs revealed

We have been wondering for so long as to how the new Batman suit and Batmobile would look like. Well last week, WB costume designer mentioned the suit will be inspired from the graphic novel Batman: Noel. Batman: Noel, a graphic novel released in 2011…

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Batman vs. Superman, Oliver Stone sees RED

It looks like director Oliver Stone won’t be standing in line to see Batman Vs. Superman on opening night. In a long rant to Forbes, Stone criticized pretty much everything that is popular right now ranging from the Breaking Bad finale to comic book movies. Oliver…

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Batman (Ben Affleck) finally speaks out

After nearly one month of silence, Ben Affleck finally talked about being cast as Batman in 2015′s Batman vs. Superman. Affleck was a guest tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Runner Runner. Affleck talked about how excited he was, and his meeting with director Zack Snyder. Ben…

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Batman in next Man of steel sequel

The next Man of Steel sequel is to feature Batman. This announcement by Zack Snyder will make this movie the most anticipated movie till now. Apparently, this is going to be a versus movie where Batman and Superman will fight each other. Inspiration for this…