Geekstroke | Fin – Invention from India set to Revolutionize the Future

Fin – Invention from India set to Revolutionize the Future

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Fin – Invention from India set to Revolutionize the Future

Over the years, I have heard of many innovations and new technologies made by small start-ups and people with a lot of creativity. One of them being Oculus Rift which was recently brought by Facebook. I remember the days when people used to say that Oculus Rift cannot came to reality. Now it looks like those guys will have to eat their words.

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Why I talked about all this was to talk about this unique invention called Fin, which could be a new revolution in technology. Created by Rohildev from Kerala, India (Proud to say that its my motherland).

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Fin is a tiny ring which you can wear on your finger which turns your whole palm into a gesture interface. Yah, I know you have heard of gestures before. First thing that comes to your mind must be the Samsung Smart TV. But have any of you actually tried using those gestures? Even Xbox and Playstation have gestures. Everyone is coming up with technology to control everything through gestures, so what makes this any different? How was this company able to raise over $200,000 USD from over 2000 people to develop this incredible invention?

This ring is made up of sensors that can recognize each and every segment (phalange) of your fingers. It also has bluetooth connectivity to connect to other devices like smartphones, TV or other wearable devices.

Fin, which is worn as a ring on the thumb, is made up of sensors that can diversely recognize each segment (phalange) of the fingers. It also has Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to link Fin to other devices like smartphones, TVs or other similar wearable device. What this means is that now users can assign different functions to each finger segment, while also having the ability to perform a function by just making the thumb touch the segment in question.

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With Fin, you wont need joysticks hence making it easier to play games. This is only up to a certain extend. Hardcore gamers still have to stick to joysticks. The games which I am talking about are small. Which are like mobile games. You can even use Fin as a remote controller for TV.

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Fin helps the physically challenged, making their lives a little more simpler. There may be lots of technological advancements in this world, but most of these advancements hardly matter if a person who is handicapped cannot see or hear it. I respect Fin a lot more as it helps them and changes their lives in a lot of ways.

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While driving, it is a drag to pick up the phone or do anything. There are high chances that the cops might catch you if they see you on the phone. With Fin, you can take calls, increase or decrease the temperature or the volume, all these while your hands are still on the steering wheel.

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Selfies, a popular trend these days. With Fin, you can just place the camera wherever you want and click the camera.

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And for sharing, you just have to tap. Instead of Bluetooth or Whatsapp.

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Also, as Oculus Rift might be a common thing in every household, you can pause the video or control this head mounted device using Fin.

Fin is the second Indian startup that we know which has a great backing through crowdfunding platforms. Last year it was Gecko – developed and marketed by a Bangalore startup, which was similar to Fin in certain areas. We are looking forward to seeing this device in the market.

Source: Gizbot, Screenshots: YouTube

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