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Nokia’s First Android Phone

Posted by Allen Paul in Technology

Nokia’s First Android Phone

There were rumours about this, and now the day has come where its a reality. Nokia just announced that’s it going to launch its first Android headsets:
Nokia X, X+ and XL.
I am a fan of Nokia. I mainly love it for its durability and toughness. But I wasn’t a fan of it’s operating system. Which is why after much research and difficulty I had to switch to Nexus 5 which had the open source Android Operating System. But now with its latest collaboration, I guess I’m pretty sure what I will buy next.

The Nokia X and X+ will both have a 4-inch display, whereas the Nokia XL will feature a 5-inch screen. The difference between X and X+ is the extra memory and expandable storage. So that means extra money as well.

Now if you look at the UI, its not exactly Android neither is it Lumia, its a blend of both. And the price of the phone is much cheaper than Lumia. Its approximately $125 for the X, $135 for X+ and $150 for XL.


“The Users will benefit from the Android apps and ecosystem, but we have differentiated.” – Steve Elop, Mobile World Congress presentation

That means along with the Android apps, we will also have the Microsoft and Nokia apps. Some of them pre-installed, like Skype which will offer its users 1 month of free calls to land-lines and mobiles. Nokia’s navigation apps will also be present. SwiftKey (the mind reading keyboard) will also be present on these phones for free.

“This is like my dream phone.!!” or that what I thought, until I came to know that this phone is synced with Microsoft’s cloud. It maybe an Android operating system, but lets not forget that Microsoft owns Nokia. So despite the merger, this will be one Android phone that wont sync you with Google’s cloud. Now I’m having second thoughts because for me, everything is stored in my Google account. So if I were to change my phone, my data will immediately be synced with the new handset. It will be good for Nokia users though. I hope there will be a solution to this problem. I almost certain there is. But, how can an Android phone be without Google Play Store? The phone does allow you to use third party software, but still. I just wouldn’t go for this phone yet. I’ll wait for the reviews after it’s out. Until then, I’m sticking to my Google Nexus 5.

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