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Robin – The only cloud-first smartphone

Posted by Allen Paul in Technology

Robin – The only cloud-first smartphone

I browse Kickstarter frequently. This is one website where we get to see people’s ideas and creativity. Its fascinating to see some products, and how well they advertise them. And when it comes to technology, gadgets, cars or anything for that matter, I root for the underdogs. I don’t care much about the brand name, I care about how well it suits my needs. Which is why the project – Robin fascinates me.

In my opinion the phone looks like a toy, that’s because the phone is inspired from material design. Which is why it doesn’t look like any other phone out there. But that’s not the reason why I love the phone, what I love is its features and their idea – to build a phone where storage isn’t an issue. And they accomplish this using cloud. This is the only cloud-first smartphone.


The founders are from Google and HTC, and with their experience in Android they wanted to create a smartphone unlike any other. One of the major issues of smartphones these days is the memory. Once our phone memories are full, we have to manually delete files or apps to free some space. If only there was a way our smartphones could find a solution to the space problem. And that’s how Robin was born.
As Robin runs in the cloud, it always has enough storage. And it does this automatically. We have a lot of cloud storage options these days that it gets tiresome after sometime to manage everything in the cloud. With Robin, you don’t have to worry about that

Now all this is of no use if it can’t compete with the latest features offered by Android phones. As we are spec mongers, the features are not so bad afterall:


For more information, you can visit their kickstarter page.

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